Whether you’re thinkin of sell your home, or just remodeling because you’re ready for a change. Here are some areas you can improve that will have the greatest return in increased home value.

Try replacing your entry door with steel. Replacing the front door has been listed as the top project for ROI for several years. One reason is that, unlike a wood door, a steel door is easy to maintain and often less costly than a wood or fiberglass door. Steel doors are also considered better for security and for fire safety. Replacing your front door is a key part of your curb appeal, since it’s the first thing guests and potential buyers see.

In some areas, manufactured stone veneer might be a good idea. Manufactured stone comes in different colors, it also costs about one-fourth to one-half as much as natural stone. It’s also lighter in weight, which means it can be installed in more places without extra support and insulation. This product requires no maintenance and is more fire-resistant than wood or vinyl siding. Although a great ROI, stone veneer may not be usable or allowed in all areas.

Although most new homes now come with rollup style garage doors it may be a good idea to replace them in older homes. You can replace your door with one that tilts up or rolls up to match your home’s age and style. Choose from wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass depending on your budget and taste. Wood doors require more maintenance but are often the most attractive.

If you have the outside space, the addition of a wood deck can be a plus for entertaining and increasing the value of your home. A wood deck can expand your living space with an area to entertain friends, dine outside, or just relax on your own, all of which are also appealing to buyers. You can enhance the space with an outdoor fireplace, a bar, or a patio heater so you can use your deck for more of the year in a cold-weather climate.